The rise of direct-to-consumer healthcare

March 27, 2023
Catch Health team

Remote medicine has flourished under the pressure of the pandemic and virtual care has entered the mainstream. 2020 healthcare spending reflected this growth as healthcare investments were up 18% and healthcare funding hit a record $21.8 billion

Even before COVID, the paradigm was shifting towards consumer-driven healthcare with vertical-specific companies providing a completely new way for patients to experience healthcare. Beyond a sleek brand, direct-to-consumer (D2C) virtual healthcare startups offer something new, efficient, and more compatible with the demands of modern consumers. 

Below, we’ve profiled some of the most innovative companies offering D2C healthcare services. While there are differences in their operating models, they all meet real-time demand for low-acuity care and urgent care: in other words, they satisfy patients’ desire for convenience and demand for urgent assistance. 


Ro is a direct-to-patient healthcare company providing virtual healthcare without the need for insurance. Ro connects telehealth and in-home care, diagnostics, labs, and pharmacy services nationwide. It positions itself as complementary to a patient’s PCP, not a replacement.

Ro primarily treats patients for sexual health, fertility, weight loss, hair and skin conditions, cold sores, and some mental health issues.

Amazon Clinic

Amazon Clinic operates in 33 states and provides virtual care for more than 20 common health conditions, such as allergies, acne, and hair loss.

With Amazon Pharmacy and the recent acquisition of One Medical, Amazon Clinic aims to be Amazon’s solution to “occasional healthcare engagements” rather than a replacement to a PCP.


Keeps is an online, subscription-based telehealth service for people with male pattern hair loss.

Keeps is one of several online services to get access to treatments approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to minimize hair loss, all from home. Daily supplies are shipped to your door every 3 months, at a significant discount over pharmacy pricing.


Nurx is an online healthcare service that provides 24/7 access to doctors and 100+ prescription medications with or without insurance. The company sells both generic and brand-name versions of medication, and describes their service as "healthcare made simple."

They treat skin conditions, birth control, mental health, UTIs, COVID and STI test kits, herpes, allergies, migraines, HIV PrEP, and hair loss.


Sesame, also known as Sesame Care, is a platform that offers online and in-office access to medical professionals across a variety of medical specialties, including primary care, dermatology, and mental health care, among others. Individuals looking for a way to quickly book a therapy session can use the platform to find a licensed therapist, sometimes with same-day appointment availability.

Sesame is an aggregator of third-party providers, it does not have its own provider network. It markets itself as “America’s only superstore for great doctors and specialists”.


Hims is a 100% online telehealth platform that connects patients to licensed healthcare professionals in all 50 states. It offers support for conditions ranging from sexual health to skincare, and mental health to hair care.

Focused on full-service telemedicine for men’s health, Hims provides digital management tools for appointments, prescriptions, and generic medications. Hims has also created partner brand Hers, which addresses women’s healthcare needs through the digital management of appointments, prescriptions, and treatments.


Lemonaid Health is a national, online doctor’s office. All services are provided via its mobile app, video call, or phone call.

Lemonaid professionals include medical doctors and nurse practitioners. They’re able to treat over 30 conditions, and each condition has guidelines and processes for treatment. It covers general health, mental health, and specific conditions and they are transparent about who they can and cannot treat, and that some conditions may need in-person consults.

The future of D2C healthcare

With so many virtual  healthcare providers flourishing and new offerings on the horizon, healthcare consumers have more power to choose than ever before. What remains to be seen is which providers will deliver on their promises and become mainstays in the healthcare industry. Those that offer truly longitudinal care with an emphasis on preventative care are likely to have the highest chance of success. 

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